Wedding Ceremonies

What I offer

So what's your dream? saying your vows on the beach, in a forest, by a lake, in your back garden? These are just some of the places you can make that happen. 

Choosing me to conduct your ceremony allows you to have it exactly as you wish. Working with you, I will write and conduct your ceremony, in the setting of your choice.  

Every single ceremony written has you at the heart of it. We can incorporate mini ceremonies into the main one, you can choose the music, the readings, the words, Got children? There are many ways we can include them. It's your day so have it your way.      


Wedding ceremonies are as old as time and by choosing a celebrant you are also able to free yourself from the bonds of tradition or weave in the parts of tradition which are important to you. 

However, it doesn't stop there, you can also choose where you would like the ceremony to be held. Maybe your favourite place to go walking, by a lake, on the beach or even you own back garden, the opportunities are only limited by your imagination. 

Whatever you decide I can promise that your ceremony is a reflection of you, as every ceremony is individually crafted for you. Working together, it is my aim to provide you with exactly the kind of wedding ceremony YOU want.  


So what is handfasting?

Handfasting is a rural folklore custom, dating back to the time of the ancient Celts. A strongly symbolic ritual, it is a binding union between two people, in which couples will tie their hands together to represent the devotion and connection they have.


With many ceremonies held in the modern day, drawing on the traditions of the past, it is a truly special way to show commitment. Handfastings are not only performed for the purpose of engagement or marriage but also for those who wish to publicly declare their love for each other.

So what is involved?

Ceremonies are a very personal event, and can be tailored to the wishes of those involved.

It is tradition for the ceremony to take place in a circle or square, with the couple entering from the west and leaving to the east, symbolising leaving old lives behind and walking together into the new. In addition to the exchanging of vows and rings, and the handfastning itself, couples may also include other centuries-old practices in the ritual. Examples include token exchanges, calling to the elements, jumping the broom or the sharing of ale and cake.

If you would like to discuss your handfasting/vow renewal further, or if you have any questions, please contact me.

Vow Renewals

Have you recently come back from getting married abroad? or maybe you have been together for a long time. A ceremony to renew your vows is a great way to celebrate your love with family and friends. 

Ceremony Venue Ideas

I can conduct the ceremony in the setting of your choice.

  • Inside - Stately Homes, Arbours, Butterfly Palaces, 
  • Outside - Stone Henge, Avebury, Rollright Stones, a Forest, Lakeside, at sea, on a beach or a festival.
  • Something really different - A bike rally, no problem, I can even turn up on my Harley Davidson if you wish,  For VW enthusiasts exchange vows in a Beetle or  Camper van.
  • USA- I can accommodate that too, I can help you secure an excellent package deal  with my fees included and perform a wedding which is legally recognised in the UK. So you can have the ceremony and your honeymoon in one perfect package.

The choices of where you conduct your ceremony is only limited by your imagination. Please get in touch so we can discuss your ideas.