Other Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Would like to celebrate the birth of your child but have decided against a christening, alternatives such as a  naming ceremony or simple "naming day" are becoming increasingly popular. You can choose who you want to participate in the ceremony, such as grandparents, supporting adults, your other children.

Just like weddings, a naming ceremony can be held on any day you want, anywhere you want, at home, in a park or the zoo..... 

Yet naming ceremonies are not only for babies and children, adults can have them too. What a perfect way to tell the world you are here.

Divorce Ceremony

The transition into single life is often not recognised with any particular event apart from the papers to say you are now divorced. 

Yet, divorce is a defining moment in your life and a difficult time for those involved, but it can also be liberating at the same time. By holding a divorce ceremony it often helps the person come to terms with the divorce and allow for a time of healing and acceptance to begin.  

Normally conducted in private, the ceremony marks the transition from marriage to being single more spiritual and meaningful, a rite of passage from one way of life to another. If friends and family want to attend we can integrate them into the process.   

House Blessing

Moving into a new home or place of business is exciting, but it can also be a daunting time. A house blessing can be performed before you move into a new space be that your home or work space. For example, you may do a house blessing when you move to a new home, when a new spouse moves in or a baby comes into your life. You can also do one after you clear clutter and want to invite fresh energy into your home, as it is especially potent to do a house blessing after cleaning the physical rooms.

A house blessing can be preformed  with just yourself present or with friends and family, the more positive energy put into the area, the more sacred that space is for you.

Pet Blessing

The loss of a pet is a heart breaking experience. Many people see their pets as family members and companions. When a pet passes you may suffer loss and deep grief. 

Often people feel they need something to acknowledge the life of a pet, just as you would a relative or friend and may choose to bury or cremate their beloved companion. 

Over the years, I have had the honour of sharing my life with a variety of animal companions and feel they deserve a special blessing ceremony.  

Mini Ceremonies

Add something extra to your ceremony All my mini ceremonies can be added into your special day at no extra cost.

Flower Ceremony - Many people call this the Rose Ceremony, but I like to think it can be any flower that is special to you. In this ceremony the Bride and Groom exchange a single flower as their first gift to each other (if you have children this is perfect to involve them) .  

The flower is symbol of love and the vows  you made, but remember just like a flower needs nurturing  to flourish so does a marriage.  

Unity Candle - A Unity Candle Ceremony can easily be added to any ceremony.  The ceremony consists of slender candles and a large centre candle. The outer candles represent your individual lives before today. They represent all that you are from your vast experiences, and they represent your individual families. As you each take a single candle and light the centre candle, you will extinguish your individual candles as you begin your lives together. 

Sand Ceremony - This beautiful ceremony involves the blending of two (or more) coloured  sands into a single vessel. It symbolises the blending of the individuals into a single inseparable unit that is the joining of their lives.   

There are many other extra ceremonies we can weave into your special day. Contact me for more information.