Funerals & Memorials


The ritual of a funeral or end of life service is important as it allows you to express your emotions, to mourn your loss and to honour and celebrate all the things that made your loved one so special. I will work with you and your chosen Funeral Director to provide your loved one the most appropriate and fitting ceremony possible.

Family and friends may want to take part in the service, reading their own personal tribute, others feel unable to and prefer me to deliver the entire service, whatever your preference I will be on hand to provide you with the support you need.   


Whilst funerals usually have to be arranged quickly following a death, a memorial service can be held at any time. The purpose of a memorial is to commemorate your loved one, after they have been buried or cremated.

A memorial is a service of thanksgiving and provides an opportunity to reflect and remember someone dear to you.  Circumstances might mean you couldn't attend the funeral or perhaps you want to mark an anniversary.  As with a funeral, a memorial is an opportunity to mourn the deceased or to share stories and memories to celebrate their life.  The main differences are that there is no coffin present and the service can be held at a date, time and place that suits you.